Tuesday, April 26, 2011

About me and my road leading me to now

     I am starting this blog for a bunch of different reason, but mostly I want this to be documented and available to be searched and viewed by others.  At so many points in my life I have felt like I was educated enough, and have always found that I am no where close!  First of all I have a degree from St. Ambrose University in Fitness and Human Performance.  After I got out of college I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of the body, and how it works.  I experimented with myself on different levels of exercise to see what I could create, and how far I could push myself.  When I got pregnant with my son I had just graduated 4 months earlier.  I was competing in cage fighting at the time, so I was in very good shape.  I could run 10 miles without breathing hard, and I could lift weights for hours.  This led me to believe that I could easily give birth to a baby.  I had heard people compare childbirth to running a marathon, which I had already done in 2007, so I was ready right?  By the way I think that running a marathon is so much easier than childbirth, especially when it comes to the level of control you have over the outcome!
      In this blog I am going to take you along with me as I try to heal myself and prepare myself for what comes next!  I have two children with two very similar birth experiences.  I had two cesarean births within 16 months.  At first I felt like the health system that I believed in so much had failed me.  Then I realized that even though maternity care is in serious need of a revamp, there were a lot of issues with my body that led me down the road of a cesarean.  I will get into that later.  First, I would like to share with you my birth stories because every woman whether they have a good or 'bad' experience should do so.  After all it is the most amazing thing a woman's body can do!

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