Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Medical Records...

I finally received my medical records today from the hospital.  I requested the records for both of my babies births about two months ago.  I actually had forgotten that I was supposed to be getting them because it took so long.  Anyway, it is interesting to read about your own hospital experience in the eyes of the medical personnel.  I read a few things that were supposedly done that I wasn't aware of, and it leaves me wondering if they made a mistake in the notes or if I was just never aware that it ever happened.  I would like to think it was a written mistake considering that it makes me nervous to know that things were done to me without even realizing it!  Its not that I think they are trying to do something to hurt me or anything, its just that I would rather be an active participant in my medical care.  I know that isn't everyones choice, but it is definitely mine.  Supposedly for my son's birth I had an intrauterine pressure catheter inserted into my uterus alongside of my son's head.  This is something they use to monitor contraction strength.  It is used usually with induction or when pitocin is administered to make sure the contractions aren't too strong.  Although I haven't read of many serious contraindications, there is an increased risk of infection and an increased risk of injury to the baby if administered wrong.  I also read that Glory had tachycardia which means increased heart rate.  I was never told this as far as I know, and the notes said that she was intolerant to labor, which sounds to me that I just needed to change positions.
There were also some words I didn't recognize such as, ecchymoses, which means bruising appearance under the skin.  This was in the notes of my discharge papers about my incision area.  I'm guessing many women who have a cesarean have this considering the procedure in general.  Overall I didn't really learn a whole lot that I didn't already know except that the word failed still hurts.

Preoperative Diagnosis #1
1. Failure to progress
2. Persistant occipitoposterior presentation

Preoperative Diagnosis #2
1. Failure to progress in labor
2. Meconium
3. Probable underlying chorioamnionitis with low grade maternal fever and fetal tachycardia
4. Failed VBAC

Sounds a little like a disease diagnosis doesn't it?


  1. I agree with how you feel about not being aware of what is happening to you or not having control over your medical care... that's also partly why I don't drink anymore! haha. What does "occipitoposterior presentation mean? I also have no idea what "chorioamnionitis" is. Becky, every single thing there is EXTERNAL or NONPERSONAL diagnosis. YOu have no control over the "failur to progress", nor the meconium issue, nor the fever, nor the "failed" VBAC issue.... all out of your control. You are the most determined and persistent woman I know, and the more I read of your blog, the more I admire you...I'm not speaking as your mother here, although that is why I subscribe to your blog. I admire the focused woman you are. Love you.

  2. Thank you mom :)
    Occipitoposterior refers to the position the baby is in. The occipital bone is in that back of a person's skull, so saying the baby is in the occipitoposterior position means the back of the baby's head is facing the posterior(back) part of the mother's pelvis. This is also called sunny side up. The eyes are facing the momma's front instead of back. A baby can be born in this position, but it makes it much more difficult because the baby's head can't mold to fit through the pelvis the way it should.
    Chorioamnionitis is a bacterial infection that can make its way up into your uterus. Its actually kind of weird that it was listed as a possible diagnosis on my medical records. I have read that this certain infection is actually rare. They worry about it when your water has been broken for a long period of time, which mine had only been ruptured for 7 hours (they usually give you at least 18). Some signs of it would be a very high maternal fever (mine was only 100), and maternal or fetal tachycardia. I know Fetal tachycardia was listed on my chart, but like I said before I was never alerted of this and neither was Alex, so we have no idea when or if that ever happened. Some signs could also be sweating, tender uterus to the touch, and foul smell from the vaginal area… all of which I didn't show. Who knows… they were probably trying to be 'safe' rather than 'sorry' is my guess.