Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Talk to your children, no matter the age

      My husband gave me some very wise advice over the phone yesterday.  I felt like all I was doing was yelling at Brayve all day long, and telling him no.  Alex called me after he got off work, and I told him how guilty I felt about the way Brayve and I had been interacting all day.  Normally I am pretty laid back about him wanting to help me with the dishes, making dinner, or whatever it may be.  Yesterday though, I felt like I had no patience and he just wanted to keep making messes!  Alex told me that I should just talk to our son, and let him know that mommy is sorry for yelling all day and that I just wasn't feeling like my normal self.  Then he suggested that I let him help me finish the dishes, and not to worry about the water on the floor.  Oh, and also if he decided to lick the soap on the dish wand that I shouldn't freak out, but instead offer my knowledge about its bad taste and he could proceed with the taste of soap as a consequence.
      I did just what he said, and had a talk with Brayve.  He listened to me for the most part, and then grabbed the chair and pulled it to the sink.  He was very excited about the invitation to help with the dishes!  When we finished the dishes, we made a homemade pizza together.  When he took a huge handful of cheese out of the bag that never made it to the pizza I cringed, but then he looked at me with this surprised look and I could tell it was an accident.  I smiled and asked him to help me clean it up which he was more than willing to do because he decided to eat the cheese that was on the chair.  Then he opened his arms wide and jumped at me with a big hug.  When he does this he always says, "momma!" in the most loving way.  Alex's advice worked and I felt so much better!
     I since have used this with Glory who is 7 months old.  She was nonstop whining for over an hour and it was driving me nuts!  I sat her on my lap and had a talk with her.  It stopped her whining for only about 10 minutes, but at least I got some time to see her smile and I snuck in some kisses. :)

   My point to this post is that some days we might not be using our best parenting skills for whatever reason, but taking a second to step back and look at the situation can be a big help.  Our babies, no matter what the age, are people too and deserve to be treated with respect.  They may not give it back all the time… or maybe not even often, but they will learn by example eventually.  Keep on trucking moms and dads!  This is what life is all about. :)

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