Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tips for the CBAC mommas

This post is for women who want ideas on what to put into a birth plan for a cesarean, or just are interested in requests that they can make for the delivery.  I compiled this list with information from reading that I have done, my own wishes, or advice that I have gotten from women that I know who have had cesareans (thanks ladies ;p).

Here are some suggestions:
Before surgery
-have anesthesia administered before the catheter is inserted
-have doctor go over what will be done for prep and during surgery
-remind the staff of your birth plan or a few of your most important requests

During surgery
-arms not strapped down or at least released immediately after the baby is born so that you can touch him
-drape lowered as the baby is born so the birth can be witnessed by the mother
-baby put on mom's chest immediately after delivery
-double sutures used to close the uterus incision if possible
-have doctors and nurses keep their personal life conversations to a minimum during the surgery
-request to not be given a sedative immediately following the birth

After surgery
-if breastfeeding, request to do this as soon as you are moved to recovery
-have baby bathed and evaluated in mom's presence
-have a designated person (husband, doula, labor partner etc.) accompany the baby to the recovery room, and/or nursery for any further evaluations
-baby room in with mom as opposed to being taken to the nursery for care
-catheter and iv removed as soon as possible to regain mobility

Remember if you are writing up a birth plan make sure to put a short paragraph in the beginning stating that you understand there can be other circumstances that may change certain aspects of your birth plan, but if at all possible stick to your requests.

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