Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cesarean scar tissue complications and how to break the scar tissue up

    When an injury to your tissue or a surgery where the tissue is cut occurs a person's body will produce adhesions or scar tissue in order to repair that tissue.  The problem with this is that it can adhere to other things such as muscle or even organs that may be near the injured site.  Even though a person who has a cesarean may have had a uncomplicated surgery and 6-8 weeks postpartum recovery that seemed to go smoothly the work isn't done.  There is scar tissue that now has built up in your lower abdomen in order to heal the incision.  Sometimes people get away with no complications for the rest of their lives, but other times it causes issues in years to come.  Some of the problems caused are things such as abdominal pain, back pain, incontinence of the bladder, complications with the bowels, numbness, or even infertility.
    Let me explain those problems in more detail so that you can understand why that may happen.  When adhesions bind to the muscles it causes them to be tight or torqued in a way that creates an imbalance.  This can lead to back pain and abdominal pain.  Adhesions can also bind to your bladder, and bowels which can cause blockages.  The numbness around the scar site is caused by nerve damage.  Infertility can be caused from adhesions being formed around the fallopian tubes or ovaries and also can cause intrauterine adhesions which can cause complications in pregnancy with where and how deep the placenta attaches.  Infertility is on the lower side of a risk with cesarean but it is still a very serious risk.
    Now with all of that being said, something can be done about it.  Besides laparoscopic surgery which can remove scar tissue, you can massage the area.  Using a heating pad, rice sock, or a damp washcloth that is heated up in the microwave can help warm up the area.  Lay down for five minutes with the heat over your scar and covering above and below it.  Try to relax as much as you can.  Then remove the heat and massage around the area as deep as you can without feeling too uncomfortable.  You have to make sure that you relax your body so that you aren't tensing the muscles surrounding the area.  Do this at least once a day for 2-5 minutes and you will probably see or feel improvement over time.
    If you have issues looking at or touching the area because of emotional fears or discomfort you can have somebody else do this if thats easier for you.  The first few times I had to have my husband do it because I couldn't relax enough while I did it.  I needed all my concentration to breathe and relax while he did the massage.  Now he isn't here that often because of work so I had to bite the bullet and start doing it myself.  It was very uncomfortable at first, but it is getting easier.
   Don't be lazy about this.  If it isn't causing concern now, it still could later in your life.  Take care of it now before it comes to that point.  

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