Friday, January 6, 2012

My healthful revelation!

Today I went to subway after a dr. appt. because my kids are both sick and I have no groceries.  I went in not knowing what I wanted yet, and as I was standing there I was debating over my usual 6 inch sandwich or a salad.  If a person is on a diet what is the right choice that comes to mind?  A salad with a lowfat dressing right?  Well, I used to be that person who chose to eat healthy most of the time partly because I knew it was best for my health and partly because I was trying to stay or be "thin."  Can anyone else relate to this?  Today when I made my decision I can honestly say that it was 100% for eating healthy in order to be healthy.  I chose a veggie salad, and I wasn't thinking of how much better my regular sandwich would be.  I was thinking how yummy vegetables sounded at the moment and my  mouth started watering.  Then I asked about the dressing options.  When she told me my choices I realized that I felt really turned off by all of them.  My guess is that there is just too much sugar or fattening something or other my body just doesn't get a long with anymore, and instead of choosing none of them because they weren't light enough, I chose none of them because I actually didn't like them.  Amazing huh?  I then realized on the way home that I have been doing this for awhile now.  Don't get me wrong, I still eat some things that aren't the best for me, and I definitely have a sweet tooth from time to time, but my choices most of the time are pretty solidly healthy.  This is an incredibly freeing feelings.  I don't have to be miserable because I'm constantly dieting and choosing things I don't really want.  I can eat healthy because I want to, its easy, and therefore I can be healthy!
Now you all are thinking… great, glad its so easy for her, wish it could be easy for me too.  Or maybe some of you are right there along with me, and if you are awesome!  For those of you who are still struggling I will give you a little advice.  Keep in mind that it isn't easy, and yes it will feel like a diet at first and I know that sucks.  After I had Glory (my second cesarean), I talked to a midwife who gave me some great advice for the next time I become pregnant.  After telling her that I took a lot of sugar out of my diet when I became pregnant with Glory, and that I kept running/jogging/walking 3 miles 4 times a week she praised me for my move in the right direction but she gave me a better plan.  After hearing my history of sporting event choices, and bad behavior with sugar intake she suggested I not only cut out some sugar from my diet but almost all, and that I be gentle with myself when it came to exercise.  I decided to take a shot at it.  I stopped running, and started walking instead, and began yoga.  Then I took her advice on loading my diet with only vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, lowfat dairy products.  I did that, and switched some things around like drinking coconut milk instead of cows, and buying organic fruits and vegetables.  I was eating sandwiches that consisted of the whole grain thins as bread, spinach, jalapeno hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, and banana peppers.  My breakfast turned into plain oatmeal with blueberries.  My snacks were things like almonds, or greek yogurt.  After a month of doing this without any stepping out of line it became easier!  I didn't crave sugar anymore, and i wasn't able to eat lunchmeat or beef.  It just plain grossed me out!  That one month was the hardest part.  Now I have added a few things back in here and there.  I will eat a cookie if I want one, or have some steak if I really feel like it.  The good thing is that most of the time I DONT feel like it!
Now, for the reason that I think holds all of this together like glue.  Before I became a mother I didn't 100% care about myself.  I thought I did, but when I look back on it and think about my habits and behaviors I honestly didn't.  After I had Glory I realized that my body was in a lot of pain, and I felt like a 26 year old in a 80 year olds body.  This is a very scary feeling for a new mother.  I decided that I needed to honestly care about myself.  I refuse to tan and now wear sunscreen, if I feel like there is something I need to go to the doctor for I actually go, I developed a positive outlook on life and dropped a lot of the things I used to stress about, and now I eat right and find exercise that is kind to my body.  I still hurt, but now I am on the road to feeling better.  I have some injuries that probably will never go away, but I can manage them correctly in order to preserve myself as long as I can naturally for the sake of my family.  My children are the most important thing in life to me, and I want to make sure I am here to protect them and love them as long as God lets me!  
Oh, and I'm building a yoga studio in my basement!  

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