Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegetables. Vegetables, Vegetables… I feel great by the way!

It has been exactly a week since I started my new way of eating.  I'm surprised I got through that first week as easily as I did actually.  I knew that I loved sugar, and ate a lot of it but didn't realize how much I ate until I really stopped and thought about it.

Before, I would start the day with 3tsp of sugar in my coffee along with something for breakfast that I'm sure most of the time had sugar in it.  Then for lunch I would usually have a wrap or sandwich or something with a lot of sauce or dressing on it.  After lunch or mid afternoon I always craved something sweet so I would eat a handful of chocolate chips.  For dinner I would have a pretty healthy meal usually but then I almost always had something sweet sometime before I went to bed at night.  My favorite snack was a teacup of chocolate chips melted with peanut butter in it and I would eat that by the spoonful!  Anyway, my policy was chocolate every day!  I also, thought my diet was pretty good which is mostly true, but I definitely wasn't getting enough vegetables and some days went without.  I wasn't eating fast food or anything really greasy, fried, or really high in fat.  I drink a ton of water and always have.  I have always liked lean meats, and only eat whole wheat bread and rice, but the sugar was just out of control.

Now, I eat vegetables as the main part of my meal for lunch and dinner.  I snack on yogurt, almonds, and fruit throughout the day.  If I have a whole wheat wrap it only has lettuce and vegetables in it with hummus (jalapeno hummus=YUM)  For breakfast if I even drink coffee its half a cup and only has some soy milk in it (no sugar), and I eat oatmeal with a little bit of soy milk and fresh blended fruit in it for flavor.  I'm actually going to be adding a smoothie in for my afternoon snack or breakfast now that will have whatever fruit I want, orange juice or soy milk, and plain greek yogurt.

I used to have stomach cramps here and there and sometimes get heartburn (probably from all the chocolate!)  For the first three days without the sugar I had headaches and felt really tired.  I'm still having some after affects of being tired, but I'm slowly regaining my real energy, not the artificial sugar boost.  I feel really healthy, and happy!  This is also good for my family because Glory eats what I eat through breastmilk, and Brayve is getting a lot more good stuff.  He is really picky and wont eat vegetables besides the occasional cooked carrots and only eats bananas sometimes.  Now, I take a day to clean, cook, and blend a lot of fruits and vegetables so he is getting a lot of things hidden in his food throughout the week.  Oh, and its all organic!

I know some of you are probably wondering if I have lost weight.  I wish I could tell you, but I don't own a scale!


  1. I love it!! I've been doing pretty good with eating healthy but I haven't replaced my main meal with vegetables..I am going to give it a try.. I've been eating and blending a lot of spinach as well as carrots.. I usually make turkey and haven't cooked beef in weeks. Thanks for posting this, I'm glad there are other moms out there trying to eat healthy especially while breastfeeding. Oh ya, coffee? I have horrible headaches from dropping coffee all together after I gave birth to Tatum. I didn't know if it would cause a decrease in milk.. Thanks Becky!!

  2. I think the caffeine does take a little affect on the baby through breast milk because now that I haven't been getting as much Glory is actually sleeping better.. through naps and at night. And about the spinach, Blah! haha That is one thing I just can't do!