Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Birth Stories

I was thinking today about some of you who have sent me messages and briefly told me about the births of your babys, and I realized that I was left wondering about the rest!  Studies have shown that most women feel the need to talk about their experiences with birth, and I know that most women also like to hear about other women's experiences.  Okay, now here is your chance!  Spill it mommas, and dads if you would like to share your side of the experience!  Help educate others because each of your stories is unique and I guaranteed something can be learned by someone from your story.
Here is what I'm asking you to do:
Tell me your story or stories if you would like to share multiples.  I want to hear it whether its long or short,  good or bad, old or new!  Share what you are comfortable with, and if you aren't comfortable sharing at all than don't, but feel free to read.  If you don't want anybody to see it but me post it in my inbox and tell me not to share.  If you would like to share and help educate everyone else with your story than let me know that it is okay to share, or if you want me to share but omit your name let me know that too.  You can either post it in my facebook inbox and I can transfer it onto here or you can send me a message on this (but honestly I don't know how that works since I'm new so if you can figure it out go for it).  If you haven't given birth then try asking your mom to tell you the story of your own birth!

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